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Lundstrem Trio

Three musicians – Leonid Lundstrem (violin), Maria Voskresenskaya (piano) and Vladimir Nor (cello) have been performing together for many years. The core of their repertoire is classical chamber music: Beethoven, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Bach, Brahms, and Shostakovich.

Chamber music requires each musician to penetrate equally both the character of his own part and the meaning of the complete musical message. It assumes a high professional level, a subtle interpretation of the composer’s concept and an absolute mutual understanding between musicians.  
The musical Trio follows the traditions of the Russian performing school and have superb professional training.
Leonid Lundstrem, a nephew of the founder of the famous jazz band and a son of one of its musicians, studied with the outstanding violinist Leonid Kogan. Maria Voskresenskaya, the wife of Leonid Lundstrem, graduated from the Moscow Conservatory class of Professor Lev Naumov. Her performing style, which is simple and graceful, is rooted in her masterly playing manner, and also in her incredible depth and finesse of interpreting pieces.  
The musical talent of Vladimir Nor came to the country’s attention in 1989 when he won the National Cello Players Competition. His professional credits include work as a soloist with many chamber orchestras in Russia, Finland, Portugal, Southern Korea and France.
The musicians have been touring successfully since the late 1990s. Listeners all over Europe are familiar with their art, with concerts given in Barcelona, Paris, Warsaw, Madrid, and Bruxelles among many other places. They have also performed in Japan, Korea, and China, and have taken part in large musical festivals in Belgium, Spain, and the Crimea.
Their classical set of instruments and magnificent musical skills bring excellence to any chamber music piece that the ensemble touches. This trio is capable of capturing the very essence of the chamber music  it plays, both highlighting each instrument in the group and creating harmonic unity across as a whole. Piano trios were a significant part of the works of Mozart, Beethoven, and Brahms. Haydn, Mendelssohn, Glinka, Tchaikovsky, Balakirev, and Shostakovich also worked in this form. Many of their pieces are part of the permanent repertoire of the Trio.  .
Piano, violin, and cello in the chamber music embody three different personalities. Musicians of the Lundstrem Trio have a subtle awareness of possibilities of such form to establish contact between the performers and the audience.  They play as if they continue a friendly talk: sincerely and confidentially, with attention to the listener’s opinion and ready for emotional and intellectual dialog.
Concerts of the Lundstrem Trio always attract attention of the audience appreciating their deep penetration in to the essence of music and high professional skills.