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Chamber Music Ensemble

The Chamber Music Ensemble consists of musicians from the Lundstrem trio and guest artists. As a string quintet, wind quintet and piano, they play most music written for quartet, quintet, and sextet.   
Leonind Lundstrem founded the Chamber Music Ensemble in the 1990s as another musical group that would develop the same spiritual, existential, and musical idea as the Trio. The Ensemble is a large-scale and elaborated version of the Trio.
Increasing the number of musicians and adding more instruments allows covering wider range of performed pieces. Duets, trios, quartets, quintets up to octets and the “orchestral sound” of the whole group contribute to the diversity of the Ensemble repertoire.
The enlarged set of the Lundstrem trio has been given the opportunity to introduce the audience to rarely performed works as well as to the masterpieces of the world music, which receive a new interpretation in their performance.  
The Ensemble plays Bach’s concertos, particularly famous Brandenburg Concertos which acquired special love of musicians and the audience, Beethoven’s chamber pieces, Mozart’s quartets and trio, Brahms’ trios, quartets and quintets, works by Dvorjak, Shostakovich, Schubert, and Tchaikovsky.
The Ensemble uses diverse concert forms, such as sonata evenings, quartet evenings, theme cycles, and mini-festivals of chamber music. The soloists of the Bolshoy opera creatively collaborate with the Ensemble, contributing art songs and arias to the concert programs.
At the same time the Ensemble preserves a special “chamber” spirit of the Trio: a determination to establish a spiritual dialog with the listeners, certain “soulfulness,” and a depth of lyricism that characterizes the Russian national understanding of the essence of music.