Press kit
 «What is chamber music? It is an opportunity to perfect oneself and to enjoy the purest and the most perfect form of artů”  
Leonid Lundstrem. From the interview to “Russkaya Mysl” newspaper (Barselona) 2000. 

«Leonid Lundstem’s performing manner is the closest to [Beethoven’s] style: expressive intonation of spoken word, prominent phrase breaking through to culmination, instantaneous mood changes, apostolic fervor – all of these elements strongly impressed the audience in Beethoven’s trio. It was a true dialogue, in which everyone knows not only to speak one’s mind but to listen to the others».
Mikhail Tsinman/ “Bolshoy Teatr” newspaper (Moscow). 1993.

«As a concertmaster [Lundstrem] demonstrated the qualities of a leader and ability to inspire his musicians.  As a soloist he demonstrated expressive tonal beauty in the tradition of the Bolshoy Theater.  He showed good professional flexibility when it turned out during the show that the touring dancers were slower in their tempo than the Russian dancers. I think that Leonid Lundstrem is a musician with an interesting and creative future».
Algis Zhuraytis. "Bolshoy Teatr" newspaper (Moscow). 1993.