Welcome to Leonid Lundstrem website!

Leonid Lundstrem is the founder and leading member of the Lundstrem Trio. The group works mostly as a trio (violin, cello and piano) but also performs as a larger chamber music ensemble.

The musicians have been touring successfully since the late 1990s. Listeners all over Europe are familiar with their art, with concerts given in Barcelona, Paris, Warsaw, Madrid, and Bruxelles among many other locations. They have also performed in Japan, Korea, and China, and have taken part in large musical festivals in Belgium, Spain, Crimea.   .

Their repertoire draws from the works of Taneev, Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Brahms and Shostakovic. The flexible structure of the Ensemble allows for different instrumentations and encourages the playing of pieces that vary in style, scale and theme.  

The Lundstrem Trio makes up the core of the group. Classical set of instruments and magnificent musical skill bring excellence to any chamber music piece that the ensemble touches. This trio is capable of capturing the very essence of the chamber music  it plays, both highlighting each instrument in the group and creating harmonic unity across the whole.  

The Chamber Music Ensemble consists of musicians from the Lundstrem trio and guest artists. As a string quintet, wind quintet and piano, they play most music written for quartet, quintet and sextet.